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Your FICO credit score will NOT be affected*

U.S. Federal Employees Using Access Loans U.S. Federal Employees Using Access Loans

Most Innovative Payroll Product


Borrow up to $10,000

Multiple loan programs available.


6-24 month

We offer 6-24 month loan terms.


Just minutes

Apply in less than 5 minutes from any device.


Top Credit Bureaus

Reporting payments to the top 3 credit bureaus can help improve or establish credit.

Our Competitive Advantage

Fast Approval Process*

Our loan application & approval process list is fast and convenient.

No FICO Required*

Your FICO credit score will not be affected when applying.

No Prepayment Fees

We will not charge you any prepayment fees.

Boost Your Credit History

Establish or improve a good credit history.

Same Day Funding*

We offer same day funding for qualified customers.

Reasonable & Worry Free Payments

We will help you set up repayments so you don’t have to worry about payment reminders.

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Customer Reviews are Proof of Excellence

Access loans is a very Professional company. They are customer service oriented. Responsive and easy to use. The loan terms offered are competitive and the application process is quick and easy. I highly recommend this company to anyone that wants an easy pleasant professional experience when seeking a loan provider.

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