Protect Your Biggest Asset: Your Employees

Salary Access is a voluntary emergency loan program to assist employees with limited access to cash, loan options, or other traditional forms of credit.

Salary access improves employee financial health & motivation.

U.S. Federal Employees Using Access Loans

Most Innovative Voluntary Employee Payroll Product

Emergency Loans

Quick funding loans to cover employees financial emergencies at low rates.

Salary Advance

A program that allows employees to receive a partial paycheck advance with 0% interest rate.

Resources & Rewards

Financial resources and tools so employees can improve their personal finances. We reward our customers who learn.

Employee Credit Monitoring

We offer our customers a complimentary credit monitoring program as an aid to foster financial stability.

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Many take advantage of financially challenged employees, we protect them

Many employees are unprepared for short-term cash needs which translates to poor job performance and lack of motivation.

We offer an innovative benefit that enables your organization to dramatically improve your employees’ financial well-being and help them lead a more productive and happier life.

We protect them from:

  • Health emergencies
  • Home emergencies
  • Bill emergencies
  • Natural disaster

Employees need quick access to money, and traditional lending facilities are not meeting their needs


Simple & Quick!

  • The application is available every day 24/7.
  • Employees can apply from any device.
  • We offer digital signatures to speed up the process.


  • Loan repayments are done via innovative payroll deduction.
  • We offer our customers call, email or chat support.
  • Our application process is available English or Spanish.


  • Fast Approval Process.
  • Same day funding available².
  • We don’t require employees FICO credit Score¹.
  • There are no prepayment fees.
  • An opportunity to boost employees’ credit & history.
  • Reasonable & Worry Free Payments.

Our Competitive Advantage

Fast Approval Process²

Our loan application & approval process list is fast and convenient.

No Impact to FICO¹

FICO credit scores are NOT impacted when applying for our loan programs.

No Prepayment Fees

We will not charge you any prepayment fees.

Build your Credit History

Payments are reported to the top 3 credit bureaus.

Same Day Funding²

We offer same day funding for qualified customers.

Reasonable & Worry Free Payments

We will help you set up repayments so you don’t have to worry about payment reminders.

Access Loans is here to help!

Protect your employees from having limited alternative lending solutions. Employee demand for this benefit is bigger than you think!

47% of U.S. consumers have less than $400 to cover unexpected expenses¹

60 Million Americans lack credit access²

8 of 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck³

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews are Proof of Excellence

Access loans is a very Professional company. They are customer service oriented. Responsive and easy to use. The loan terms offered are competitive and the application process is quick and easy. I highly recommend this company to anyone that wants an easy pleasant professional experience when seeking a loan provider.